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What Goes into Proper Web Design?

Our process begins with getting to know you better. How can we design a site built around you and your company, if we don't know you better? This is the first and most important step in our process. Once we have a full idea of what you desire we create a project brief defining the details of the project.

Research is the next step in our process. Not only do we want to get our hands on and minds around everything regarding your company, we also research your competition. This step is followed by brainstorming. No idea is a bad idea in this step. We think both inside and outside the box and once we've come up with a few ideas that we think you would like, we put together a conceptualization page for you to preview.

Once we have the go ahead on the route to take, we start with the experimentation and development portion of the process. From this step we will have a design that you fully approve of, making any adjustments as necessary. Now the final step, execution, where we finalize the design, add the content and full navigation and publish the site.

If you have any questions or would like us to start this process for you, please email us.